Instant Haiku


ripples, quiet mirth

stolen glances


spirit soars,

plummets, takes flight

swoops down again.


All turnings

new beginnings.



dewdrops, smiles

tears, glisten in

winter rain.


snapdragon, fireflies

crackles and –

pop goes the corn.


10830644_10204533984803999_4058154318518532604_ofreedom’s ways

love’s  goodbye

death,  mere nothingness.


number crunching

democracy, marches



171805_1682378773703_8375429_ocalendar days

dawn of childhood

noontime manhood

supper in the evening

goodnight, tune off


Old age

a race

to the finishing line.



morning doom, positives fly

in the face.


traveler hear

the distant roar and wander ………….





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