About Sudapoedia47

I am sudapoedia – to the amoeba born. Midnights child. Dreamer. Lotus Eater.Utopian. Love travel esp off the beaten track. Enjoy writing & reading esp poetry, autobiography,biography,travelogue & histories. Love both  the mountains & the Sea.  Also friends & family. My most prized possession ? Freedom. Will defend it to the hilt nor deny any man his.

” from life without freedom who would’nt fly. For one day of freedom O who would’nt die?”


2 thoughts on “About Sudapoedia47

  1. Hello. Chanced upon your account of kodaikkanal. Indeed the place is breathtakingly beautiful but what makes it even more so is the art of beautification of travellers like you – simple, straight, touching. Travelling is a hobby and wetting travelogue is art. I just hope your art reaches more and more people to give the best places their due – more tourists and great joy who throng to such places.


    • Thanks Atulan. Kody was really charming.It is as yet unspoilt unlike every other place in our country. A quiet retreat inhabited by nice simple folk. A great place for a lazy holiday

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